30 Days of Disneyland Dubsmash

30 Days of Disneyland Dubsmash

You know I’m a huge Disney fan. Especially of the man himself, Walt Disney. I tend to fall for the vintage side of all things Disney in Pop Culture. That’s why I prefer, of all of the Disney theme parks, […]


Survival Jobs: Painting

Finding survival work as an Actor that doesn’t involve a major time commitment, it’s important to have flexibility for auditions and any last minute work that may come, is not that easy in New York City.   Especially a job […]


Favorite Apps of 2015

My entire life is on my iPhone.  (iPhone 6 to be precise)  People actually make fun of how many apps I have my phone, but my God does it make life very easy.  Here’s a list of my most used, […]


Going BIG in 2015

I want to start this year off being incredibly open and honest with you:  Show-Business is hard!  Once about every six-months, I want to quit and go push people down Space Mountain at Disneyland.
It takes daily work to look at […]


DIStory: Villains, Fantasy vs. Reality

Disney always has a way of creating a story relevant to the time in which it was created.  That’s why so many Disney films are and remain classics.  Defeating the villains of the films helps us experience the happily ever […]