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Grace Indeed.

October 2014 has been one of the most unexpected months of my life.  I'm spending the month in Chicago opening the World Premiere musical AMAZING GRACE. This is an epic and stirring musical about the lyricist to world famous hymn. I've understudied in big flashy new musicals but I've never been a Swing before.  It's been a learning experience to be behind the table watching [more]

DIStory: Villains, Fantasy vs. Reality

Disney always has a way of creating a story relevant to the time in which it was created.  That's why so many Disney films are and remain classics.  Defeating the villains of the films helps us experience the happily ever after in our real lives.  Many times the world needs to know that the villains of reality can be conquered. [more]

CHARMING: a tale of an American prince

C H A R M I N G : a tale of an American prince 2014 Tour Schedule Scroll down the page to see the listings of all tour dates.  Premiering this Fall on the West Coast, Texas, Chicago, and Florida!   the teaser trailer for the debut performance of CHARMING: Los Angeles, CA - Monday, November 17  7PM (time change) at Rockwell Table 1714 N Vermont Ave, Los [more]

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