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Favorite Apps of 2015

My entire life is on my iPhone.  (iPhone 6 to be precise)  People actually make fun of how many apps I have my phone, but my God does it make life very easy.  Here's a list of my most used, and favorite apps of 2015: 5. Body Space - I've tried many, many, personal training/fitness apps.  So far, this is my [more]

Going BIG in 2015

I want to start this year off being incredibly open and honest with you:  Show-Business is hard!  Once about every six-months, I want to quit and go push people down Space Mountain at Disneyland. It takes daily work to look at the glass half-full, stay empowered and prevent the disease of "Playing Small."  That's why I do daily gratitude lists with [more]

Grace Indeed.

October 2014 has been one of the most unexpected months of my life.  I'm spending the month in Chicago opening the World Premiere musical AMAZING GRACE. This is an epic and stirring musical about the lyricist to world famous hymn. I've understudied in big flashy new musicals but I've never been a Swing before.  It's been a learning experience to be behind the table watching [more]

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