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Survival Job: Christmas Caroling

I dream of only making income as an Actor and a Coach, but if I can make some money performing I'll take it.  In 2012 a friend reached out to me about a seasonal job Christmas Caroling.  I'm a huge fan of Christmas, and I love to sing, so it seemed like a perfect fit. The pluses: I got a great [more]

Favorite Apps of 2015

My entire life is on my iPhone.  (iPhone 6 to be precise)  People actually make fun of how many apps I have my phone, but my God does it make life very easy.  Here's a list of my most used, and favorite apps of 2015: 5. Body Space - I've tried many, many, personal training/fitness apps.  So far, this is my [more]

Going BIG in 2015

I want to start this year off being incredibly open and honest with you:  Show-Business is hard!  Once about every six-months, I want to quit and go push people down Space Mountain at Disneyland. It takes daily work to look at the glass half-full, stay empowered and prevent the disease of "Playing Small."  That's why I do daily gratitude lists with [more]

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