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I have a bio on, and a bio on, but the gist of it is that I love to collaborate and tell stories with people who love to do the same.  Check out my resume to read more about my gratitude-inducing career!

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Life and Career Coach

Certified through the iPEC Coaching training, I was the Lead Coach for the New York City Actor Salon.  My mission is to help bridge the gap between creativity and business so that both sides of the coin can find fulfillment.

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30 Days of Disneyland Dubsmash

30 Days of Disneyland Dubsmash

You know I’m a huge Disney fan. Especially of the man himself, Walt Disney. I tend to fall for the vintage side of all things Disney in Pop Culture. That’s why I prefer, of all of the Disney theme parks, Disneyland as my favorite.
This year being Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary I had every intention of visiting […]


Survival Jobs: Painting

Finding survival work as an Actor that doesn’t involve a major time commitment, it’s important to have flexibility for auditions and any last minute work that may come, is not that easy in New York City.   Especially a job that can pay a livable wage in Manhattan’s exorbitant costs.
Being entrepreneurial of spirit, I had […]


Broadway Does Country 2

You Can Take the Kid Out of the Country, but You Can’t Take the Kid Out of the Country
May 31, 2015 10PM
54 BELOW, Broadway’s Supper Club, presents a selection of Broadway Stars in Broadway Does Country on May 31, 2015 at 10PM Broadway Does Country, is an authentic hoedown which […]

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What People Say

“You are a dying breed, you’re funny, good-looking, and talented!”


Marcia Milgrom Dodge Broadway Director/Choreographer

“Bret has helped me feel so much more secure with my use of social media as a tool in my marketing kit. As he often says, it’s about your attitude, not your aptitude. Since working with Bret, I am successfully using social media to advance my business and I feel confident about my brand and how it represents me. And I tweet! I highly recommend Bret to anyone who feels intimidated by social media and who feels their personal brand needs focus. He will help!”

Farah Alvin Performer/Health Counselor/Multiple Hat Wearer